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Strength & Stamina

Our job is to meet you where you are at.  We follow an OPT model from the National Academy of Sports medicine for our clients.  This allows us to create programs for someone's first time exercising to a professional athlete.


A Healthier You

There is not one specific plan that fits when it comes to food. Our goal is to help our clients enjoy the foods they eat, drop body fat, and build lean muscle..  It's possible to have a balance between enjoying your food and enjoying your results.


Look Good, Feel Good

High stress (cortisol) negatively impacts digestion, sleep, and fat loss.  This makes getting to your goals difficult.  If you have a goal of stress management or improving your mindfulness we have proven tools to help.   

Our Results

Rhonda's Before & After

A before and after of client Rhonda

To those interested in improving health and fitness -

I started working with Deidre in April 2014.  At that time I weighed 192lbs (50 years old and 5'3.)  I felt I was in terrible shape and confirmed my analysis I had the body of a 65 year old. Dee has been my personal trainer since then and I now weigh 129lbs, having lost 1/3 of my weight. I have muscles I never had before and am in great cardio health. In fact my resting heart rate is 50-55!  

Dee has always been available for my questions, even when I wasnt working directly with her.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


7098 Edinger Ave 

Huntington Beach, CA 92647


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