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Goal setting during discovery session

You're Discovery Session - Free consult and workout

Movement - We run through several motions and look for any postural deviations. Do you have any rotation in the hips, pronation or rotation in the knees or ankles, does your scapula move etc. This only takes a few minutes to complete each test. Next we go on the floor for a workout based on your goals and make sure form is proper (30-40min). This could range from power training to mobility to flexibility to strength or maximal strength training. It all depends on your goals and your experience level.

Nutrition - Review what basics need to be covered based on your goals. I'm not a fan of giving meal plans since everyone has different taste preferences. Generally, I ask clients to log their food for 1 week so we can see what your style of eating currently is. From there I can make suggestions if we need to increase protein, need to add a multivitamin or post workout protein shake, change portion sizes etc. However, if you already have a plan in place or feel confident with your current nutrition then we can skip this.

Wellness - We begin our wellness preso with - how if your stress on a 1-10 scale? If it's over a 5 or you feel stress more than 50% of the time it will make the goals a tad bit harder to reach. Increased stress for prolonged periods of time equals increased cortisol output. Increased cortisol means digestion isn't happening properly, sleep cycles will be off (muscle not able to recovery optimally and more). There are 3 different techniques used to help mitigate stress. We use different breath work, or gratitude or daily mindful practices, 

Overall, the main objective  is to find out where you are currently and develop a plan to and push you to the next level.

1-on-1 & Small Group Training

Learn about our 4 different workouts below.

Deidre teaching a kettlebell goblet squat

30 minutes

Our 30-minute sessions are perfect for those looking to maximize time and or budget.  Get in and quickly back to you day with our 30-minute sessions.  During the week you can expect you SoFit coach to follow up with you on any homework or accountability assignments.  We are here for you both inside and out of the studio.   

Coach Dee teaching stability

45 minutes

Our 45-minute sessions are perfect for those looking to save time or money.  We will take you through a proper warm up, workout, and stretch to cool down.  During the week you can expect you SoFit coach to follow up with you on any homework or accountability assignments.  We are here for you both inside and out of the studio.   

Coach Deidre teaching leg press

60 minutes

Our 60-minute sessions are perfect for the beginner or advanced exerciser.  During this session we will have time for a proper warm up, full weight training session, and cool down with proper flexibility.  This also allows us some time to review your nutrition, run through a guided meditation, and or track your wellness progress and more.  

Small Group Classes

At SoFit Huntington Beach, we believe that fitness should be fun and effective. That's why we offer small group personal training sessions with up to 6 people, allowing for personalized attention and support. Our training sessions will help you achieve your fitness goals while having a great time in a supportive, encouraging group setting. Our workouts are designed to be intense but effective, providing a great calorie burn and toning your body. Try out a session and see the results for yourself!

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