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Toning and strength training

Our goal is to meet you where you are at and help adjust your program along the way to make sure you are getting to your goals.  During our initial free session and assessment, we will see how your muscles move and if you have any imbalances or limitations.  This is to make sure we keep you injury free and are prescribing the correct exercises for you.  At SoFit SoCal we believe it is our job to teach and educate you on how to move, how to create and modify your workout, and feel comfortable in any gym setting.    In addition to working with you in person, we also use our custom app to create you work out programs you may follow on your own.

Fresh Produce


We are diet agnostic.  Our meal planning and accountability is based on your schedule, preferences, and taste buds.  If you enjoy eating 2 times per day then there is no reason to ask you to eat 6 smaller meals, and vice versa.  The one thing that holds true are the laws of thermodynamics and conservation of energy (energy in vs. out).  We want to make sure you have enough food to keep you feeling full and to support your goal.  Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, we are here to support you.  

Commonly we will ask a new client to practice logging their food for 7 days.  This allows us to have an idea of what you currently eat and view your macros (protein, carbs, fats).  We can keep in foods you enjoy while making small adjustments to macros or portion sizes.  

Rock Balancing


There are three main areas of focus we may have with our clients.  

  • Breathing / Meditation - 2–3-minute exercise from the institute of heart math.

  • Gratitude - Your coach will text you daily a list of 3 things he/she is grateful for.  Clinical trials have shown very positive results in not just improving mood but also improving sedentary behavior.      

  • Mindful questions of the day - Your coach will text you a daily mindful question he/she will be answering personally.  You have the option to create your own or reply to the same.  An example may be "Do I want to exercise or eat healthfully today?".


Stress and life happen.  However, stress may occur and last for days or weeks or longer due to life's increased demands and speed.  This constant or increased output of cortisol decreases digestion, negatively impacts sleep (your workout recovery time), and inhibits your frontal cortex in your brain (higher thought process).  This can make decisions harder, and a new lifestyle may be harder to achieve.  Using one or any combination of the above techniques has been proven to reset the brain, increase movement, and improve overall self-care.  Coming soon - A great place to get connected are in our groups section of our app.  Here you can connect with your coach or your small group for support and accountability.



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